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Purchase Agreement & 100% Money-Back Guarantee
I authorize ReunionDB to charge my debit/credit card for a one time amount of $0. This setup fee down payment helps cover the initial cost to build our class database. I understand that ReunionDB will fully refund this down payment, for up to 30 calendar days from my purchase date, as long as the materials to build our database are received by ReunionDB in a timely manner and the database has been presented. The remaining balance ( $0 ) of my total setup fee will be deducted from initial ticket sales or would be due upon any subsequent cancellation.
I also understand that as classmates purchase tickets for any upcoming reunion (whether by debit/credit card, check or cash), a $0 per ticket fee will be automatically deducted from each ticket sale. I understand that ReunionDB will help me build this per ticket fee into the overall ticket price that the classmates will pay. This fee pays for all credit card & processing fees, PayPal fees, your custom marketing plan, email blasts/email validations, and the creation of a keepsake memory book. All card fees and PayPal fees will be paid automatically by ReunionDB as tickets are sold.
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ReunionDB Pricing Info
Choose a pricing plan that works best for you
a)Select an upfront deposit:(any balance due will be collected from initial ticket sales)
* We customize a Marketing Plan for your class that will easily recoup this deposit from your first few reunion ticket sales.
* If you would like to learn about our promotional pricing, contact us at (855) 550-7510.
b)View your per ticket fee:(changing this will change the upfront deposit amount)
* This per ticket fee is baked into the price of your reunion ticket so the committee doesn't come out of pocket to pay the fee.
* If your ticket price is already set, our custom marketing plan guarantees that you will maximize ticket sales to offset our fees.
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