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Purchase Agreement & 100% Money-Back Guarantee
I authorize ReunionDB, Inc. to charge my credit card for a one time amount of $0. This initial deposit helps pay for the setup of my class database inside of ReunionDB's online software. I understand that ReunionDB will fully refund this initial deposit for any reason without question, for up to 30 calendar days from my purchase date. If I have chosen the finance option, an additional $0 will be deducted from initial ticket sales to cover the balance of my deposit.
I also understand that as classmates purchase tickets for any upcoming reunion (whether by credit card, check or cash), a $0 processing fee will be automatically deducted from each ticket sale. I understand that I should account for this fee as part of my reunion ticket price. I understand that this fee includes the unlimited 24/7 use of ReunionDB's online software, access to my class database, and also covers the cost of all credit card fees and PayPal fees.
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ReunionDB Pricing Info
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a)Select an upfront deposit:(any balance due will be collected from initial ticket sales)
* This deposit can easily be recouped from your first few reunion ticket sales.
b)View your per ticket fee:(changing this will change the upfront deposit amount)
* This per ticket fee already includes credit card fees, processing fees and PayPal fees for online and mobile ticket sales.
* This per ticket fee is baked into the price of your reunion ticket so the committee doesn't come out of pocket to pay the fee.
* If your ticket price is already set, our custom marketing plan guarantees that you will maximize ticket sales to offset our fees.
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